Cable on Spool in Rochester, NY

Years extruding custom wire and cable

About Us

In today’s day and age, everybody wants their ever-shrinking devices powered and collecting information. At Spectrum Custom Wire and Cable Manufacturing, LLC we produce the wire and cabling needed to deliver that. We are a UL/CSA Certified Manufacturing Facility headquartered in Rochester, NY, and we’re eager to work in tandem with you to provide a valued service and exceptional product.

For 45 years, Spectrum Custom Wire & Cable Manufacturing, LLC has been extruding custom wire and cable for its valued customers. Our core values and standards are set in place to help the customer and cater to your needs:

  • Customer Specific– Custom-made cable is engineered to your exact specifications and designed for optimal performance
  • Custom Design Services – Our experienced team is prepared to assist in any stage. From concept to design manufacturing, we are equipped to provide the ideal custom cable extrusion for your application
  • Experienced Staff – Our technicians have the experience and attention to detail essential to supply you with all your custom cable needs
  • Short Lead Times & Minimums
  • Sample Turnaround time – Two weeks*

*Pending availability of raw material at the time of sample request


  • Utilities
  • Automation
  • Control


  • Patient Care
  • Diagnostic Equipment



  • Transit
  • Industrial Vehicles
  • Agricultural